A Modern Country Story


Meet Katy

Through her love of the English countryside and minimalist cottage-core, Kate originally gained inspiration to design some vectorised images of the animals that live in her garden in rural Hertfordshire - as well as her labradors Pippa & Gigi. These prints adorned the walls of the home that she shares with her husband James and quickly gained praise from visiting friends and family. The decision was made to create a brand so others who love a dash of colour and a nod to country living could share the designs.

So much careful planning went into the creation of the range. The most important thing for Kate was to ensure that her products were made in Britain, and that all materials where sourced from abroad were ethically sourced, Fair Trade, and either made from recycled materials or fully recyclable. We are so proud to be able to say that each step of the process that goes into making our products is done by hand by someone we know!

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